You know it: waking up after a wonderful dream. One that makes every cell in your body tremble with pleasure. Everything is nice and nice and you feel great. Wonderful things are happening and you want to stay in this situation forever. But then suddenly the alarm goes off. That tune that you thought was fun at first, but that after a few weeks started to irritate you terribly. You step out of your dream with complete dedication and turn off the alarm as soon as possible. What a nice dream that was. I wish I could go back. Unfortunately this was not the reality. You have to get up and your dream disappears. 

Why do we actually dream?

Much research has been done on dreams. Unfortunately, it is not yet known exactly why we dream. There are, of course, many theories about it. Sigmond Freud already published his dream interpretation theory more than a hundred years ago. All our dreams would basically be based on unfulfilled wishes from our daily life, which we do not allow into consciousness. (link:
This theory has now become obsolete, and there are many others. Unfortunately, nothing really hard has been proven yet. 

What are the options?

Different neuroscientists, psychologists and other experts suspect different explanations of dreams. In this way you would process your daily experiences with dreams and arrive at new insights. Dreams could also mirror the functioning of the mind. Or a way to the subconscious. Sounds a bit fuzzy, right?

What can you do with it yourself?

It is of course very annoying when you are awakened from a blissful dream. But you can also look at it like this: you enjoyed your dream just as intensely and were completely away from your normal world.
Have you had a nightmare? Yeah yeah, annoying. But you can also refute this: you wake up and it turns out to be not true. How nice!
In addition, you can also daydream yourself by swooning away at the thoughts of beautiful things. Just daydreaming during the day can give you some positive input and relaxation.

Conclusion: we don't know exactly why you dream, but keep dreaming!

Dreaming is a part of life and there are many positive sides to it. It could be that dreams become more explainable in the future. Until then: keep dreaming!
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